"Play Me My Song" will be back on stage Saturday 19th May at Locanda Alla Mano (Piazza del Cannone 1, Milan) during Piano City 2018. It will be a good chance to listen to some new stuff to be included on the new album HERE IT COMES AGAIN (Play Me My Song Vol.2), for example the whole Supper's Ready.

It was november the 4th, 1969, when Genesis played their first ever concert as a semi-professional band, at the Brunel University, London, Middlesex. An historical and pivotal date, considering the future career of such a productive and succesful progressive rock act. 45 years later, in a rather simbolic date, a double orchestral album (digipack cd and gatefold vinyl formats on IRMA Records label) gets released, titled "Play Me My Song" (Gazzara Plays Genesis) and celebrating the famous group with a number of revisitations for piano and chamber orchestra arranged by italian pianist and composer Francesco Gazzara (GAZZARA, Hammond Express, The Piano Room)... >>>




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